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Indie vs. The Label

The music industry diy v.s independent label v.s major

  1. 1. The Music Industry: DIY v.s Independent Label v.s Major Label By:Teyland Avery

  2. 2. The Music Industry The Music industry is large, beautiful and complicated industry that has been Changing for the decades. What hasn’t changed is that artist need a Artist will always need help with marketing, distribution and growth in popularity. Artist of the past would sign to a major label and all of those things would be done, but now there are more than one way to present yourself.

  3. 3. History of how music was done In the Past to make it big as a artist you would have to get noticed by a major label they would market you by getting you on the radio,put your music videos on tv and more. In recent times major labels would do the same but would take majority of the profits of artist and would even take their creative control.

  4. 4. My Theory My theory is that major labels thanks to the internet is sort of obsolete and that people are better off with doing it on their own or signing to a independent label (at least till they have built their name in the industry). I believe that it is better to be an independent label/ DiY artist than with a major label or one of its sublabels. In this presentation I will reveal pros and cons of all types of labels/ artist.

  5. 5. How the internet has changed that Music is now streamed so there are less people actually buying music. Streaming stopped some from file sharing (Stealing) Thanks to the internet artist can Market themselves with the sites like Instagram, Vine, Youtube, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace. There are even social sites like soundcloud and bandcamp where artist can listen to other artist, collaborate and promote themselves.

  6. 6. What is a diy artist? A DIY artist is a artist that deals with things on there own or has a team chosen by the artist to help them. DIY artist depends on him/herself as well as the team that they have created. This type of artist has all of their creative rights and earns all of the profit they make.

  7. 7. What Is an independent Label A independent is a label that doesn’t depend on the help/funds from major labels. Independent labels can either be a stepping stone for artist to make it to a major label

  8. 8. What is a major label “A giant publishing company that manages such brands and trademarks; coordinates the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotion, and enforcement of copyright for sound recordings and music videos; conducts talent scouting and development of new artists”

  9. 9. The four that own all!

  10. 10. Pros of Major labels Large Budget on marketing, producing. Best engineering. Several ways you are marketed. You don’t have to do anything that does not deal with making music and doing concerts. They create your merchandise. Radio play.

  11. 11. Cons of doing a major label Small Percent of profit returned. Little to no creative room. The label always knows best for an artist. Uses the artist till ran dry. Sometimes only signs artist to get a buzz and neglects them. 360 Deals

  12. 12. Artist that are on Major labels Drake Beyonce Maroon Five Lady Gaga Britney Spears Justin Bieber Red Hot chili pepers

  13. 13. Independent label pros Owners of independent labels tend to mentor and help artist grow. Artist has control over most of their creation. Artist receives more marketing than they would than they could for themselves. Artist also receive more profit

  14. 14. Independant label cons Less connections to the bigger labels Example: if you wanted to collaborate with a big artist your label may wouldn’t be able to contact said artist or the label. Lower budget. (some) Labels market you in “goofy” ways like by making fake news about you to save money. Less Radio play.

  15. 15. Artist on independent labels Lecrae Adele Kendrick Lamar Schoolboy Q Tupac Prince Rolling Stone

  16. 16. Pro’s of Diy You are your own boss. You receive the amount of profit you want. There aren't any yes men. You build relationships with distributors of your music or merchandise. You can make your own album.

  17. 17. Con’s of DIY You have to do everything by yourself. You don’t have the money to market yourself. You have to learn who to meet and how to work with them. You have to build your fan base. You need people around you to help engineer your music. No Radio Play.

  18. 18. Diy Artist Chance The Rapper Childish Gambino Odd Future Pro Era Zoe Keating Jane Weaver White Mystery

  19. 19. Why it’s hard without a label You have to find people that you trust to help market. You have to meet people that will help you distribute your music. Their isn’t really anyone to guide you on what to do. You have to find your own manager and be able to trust them. You will be the product and the boss so you have to learn how to sell yourself (musically) and have to lead your team in right directions. Less room/more room for errors.

  20. 20. Why you may not need a label anymore? The internet made it possible to become famous within a night. You can market yourself on social media/instagram,youtube,facebook etc. Word of mouth through social media/ blogs is better than being on tv nowadays. You can distribute your music on your own website, soundcloud, spotify or through itunes or google music.

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